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Adam Ball - The passing of my son Adam’s baseball teammate - Life is fragile and much be aoppreciated with each passing day!
Orem Dodgers Team Site - Adam’s 2007 baseball team website... www.OremDodgers.com
www.AtomicAdam.com - Adam’s ongoing experience building his website.
Jessica - Operation Smile Is A Success!!!
Jack “Grumpa” Webb - The photos
Historical Sports Images of Michael Leavitt - Fun sports shots from the past.
Oglala - Life On The Reservation By Alfred L. Leavitt - This is an informative account of the Oglala Indians and their life on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Written by my Father, I have found this account from his perspective to be a wonderful read and it changed my previous perspective on how the American Indians were treated by the U.S. Government.
Windsor Wildcat T-Ball Team - This area is password protected. If you need the access password, then please contact Coach Leavitt at 224-6207 or by e-mail at Peaceofmind@TheHomeInspector.com
Adam's Field Day 2000 - The Kindergarten class of Windsor Elementary gets to celebrate the end of the year by playing field games. Aaron and Haily also attended the event in preparation to enter the public schooling program. Aaron ran all around and did everything that he saw his older brother doing. WARNING: This page is picture intensive and the download takes a while..... Please be patient.
Personal Leavitt Family Information - Aaron Michael Leavitt has arrived to the Leavitt Family. Please be patient when downloading this page because there are 4 very large photos of him just 30 hours old in December 97. It will take time to download, but the pictures are well worth the wait.
Snow Skiing - Photos of Daddy, Jessica and Adam snow skiing. It was Adam's very first time to enjoy gliding down the tree lined slopes.
Jessica's Page - See Jessica's personal page. She decides what goes there, and at 8 years old she is the youngest page creator that I know.
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