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Michael Leavitt has been inspecting homes and commercial structures in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington since 1995. Michael operates his inspection enterprise in Northern Utah. He is a loving husband to Shelly and father of four wonderful children.
UTCHI FOUNDING MEMBER - Michael Leavitt strives to be the premiere inspector in northern Utah and he is one of the four founding members of the Utah Coalition of Home Inspectors. As an inspection industry leader he has been working on state of Utah licensing requirements since 2004. Michael has carried on the coalition and UTCHI can be found at www.UtahCHI.com.
INDAGATOR FOUNDING MEMBER - Michael is also a founding member of the North American Indagators. The Indagators are a select group of the finest professionals in the inspection and building-related legal industries. When answers are needed regarding building issues, stucco issues, code issues, roofing issues, legal issues, indoor air quality issues, chimney and fireplace issues, or any other building related issues, Michael simply turns to this brain trust of professionals for the needed answers.
REPUTATION - Boy, do I have one!... Michael Leavitt is known throughout the real estate community for being extremely thorough and accurate in his evaluations. This fact has continually propelled his name to the top of the list when a client really wants to know what is going on with their structure. Michael Leavitt’s detailed standard of care, combined with the latest computer and digital technology, are used to produce one of the finest inspection reports in the Western United States.
LIFETIME MASTER INSPECTOR Lifetime- In 2001, Michael achieved the highest level inspecting credential by the American Institute of Inspectors® when he attained the designation “Lifetime Master Inspector.” This was accomplished by years of service, the amount of inspections performed, and fulfilling the continuing education requirements by A.I.I.™ . VIEW CERTIFICATE
NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST - Michael Leavitt long time regular newspaper columnist in the Provo, Utah Daily Herald Home Magazine from 1995. Michael's bi-weekly column was titled "Inspecting Your Home" and he covered many entertaining and informative topics, some of which are shared throughout this website. In 1998 Michael changed his focus from educating consumers through the newspaper to educating inspectors around the world through his online subscription inspection newsletter the Monday Morning Messenger.
A.I.I.™ LEADERSHIP - Michael Leavitt served as the President of the American Institute of Inspectors (A.I.I.™ ) in 1998. A.I.I.™ is a national non-profit trade association serving the Home Inspection industry. His service in A.I.I.™ broadened his perspective of the inspection profession and increased his knowledge and understanding of the real estate industry.


A.I.I.™ CHAIRMAN - Michael Leavitt served as the A.I.I.™ National Chairman and he has long been involved with the inspection industry on national, state, and local levels.

Here are a few other highlights:

  • Michael is certified by the A.I.I.™ for inspecting residential housing. 1995
  • Michael is certified by the A.I.I.™ for inspecting manufactured housing. 1995
  • Michael is certified by the A.I.I.™ for performing Phase-1 Environmental Evaluations. 1996
  • Michael is certified by the A.I.I.™ as a Structural Pest and Dry Rot Inspector. 1997
  • Michael is certified by the A.I.I.™ as a Home Inspector trainer. 1997
  • Michael is a nationally recognized speaker for both the inspection and real estate industries on home inspection topics and issues.
  • Michael was the first home inspector to attain the State of Utah lead-based paint Lead Inspector and Lead Risk Assessor designations. 2000
  • Michael has completed EIFS moisture intrusion testing and evaluation trainings by:
    • Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau (NWCI) 1999
    • Exterior Design Institute (EDI) 2003
    • Moisture Free Warranty 2004
  • Michael has completed radon testing trainings by:
    • Western Regional Radon Training Center at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (WRRTC) 1998
    • Center for Environmental Research and Technology, Inc. (CERTI) 2003
  • Michael completed the “Indoor Mold Issues: An Overview” training at the University of Utah in conjunction with the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health 2001
  • Michael completed mold sampling training with Pro Labs on 2 separate occasions. 2000 & 2003
  • Michael created the Electrical Outlet Efficiency Testing protocol and service. 2002
  • Michael completed the “Home Inspector & The Fireplace” course (F.I.R.E) 2003
  • Michael completed the PARR Disaster Inspection training to perform inspections for FEMA to aid disaster victims. 2004
  • Michael completed the Meth Lab sampling training with DataChem Laboratories. 2007
  • Michael is the creator of the informative stucco website - www.TheStuccoInspector.com
  • Michael completed the training for FHA/VA lending inspections. 1998
  • Michael is an authorized trainer, software reseller, and forms designer for the popular 3D Inspection System software. Since 1998
  • Michael is the creator and editor of the Monday Morning Messenger, which is a worldwide online weekly inspection industry newsletter. Since 1997
  • Michael is the creator and editor of the most comprehensive website regarding deck and railing failures with accounts from all over the globe - www.DeckFailure.com - 2007
  • Michael completed the Simpson Strong-Tie hardware education training. 2007
  • 2008 and onward - The continuing education continues as this is an ever evolving profession.
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