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Over the years we have included more and more types of structures into our inspection quiver. Each new type of structure requires a slightly different scope of inspection designed specifically for the building. We started with residential and broadened our skills to include mobile homes, log homes, cabins, new construction, multi-units, and commercial buildings.


The residential inspection makes up the majority of our business. With over 15 years of experience inspecting homes in the northern Utah marketplace, we are very familiar with the issues that affect the various geographic locations along the Wasatch Front, in the Park City mountains, and the Evanston, Wyoming areas. Our experience helps us identify many issues that other firms completely miss. We encourage you to put our experience to work for you! CLICK FOR MORE INFO
The “Pioneer” home is always an experience as each one is so filled with history and very few are in their original condition. You will love reading our older home information. The older home inspection fees are higher than newer construction due to the added time needed to evaluate and document. CLICK FOR MORE INFO
We are amazed at the number of inspection firms that discount new construction inspections. This should be a huge Red Flag to prospective clients because new construction inspections are much more involved than normal residential inspections. Performed prior to closing, this is the best opportunity for buyers to hold-out, when needed, until the builder finishes all of the needed repairs. Our thorough and detailed approach greatly benefits our clients as we prepare a punch list of needed repairs after the builder feels that they are all done. CLICK FOR MORE INFO
A growing segment of our business is the 11-month inspection for new home owners. This inspection documents the items that the builder still either needs to complete or repair before the typical 1-year warranty expires. This is a complete home inspection, with a special emphasis on documenting the items that the owner has observed as well as what we find during the inspection. CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Condominiums are popular in our area as both primary residences and investment rental properties. Our inspection of these properties goes beyond the scope of most inspection firms. We look at the roofs and attics of top floor units and make every effort to access the unit below the inspected unit to ensure that the inspected properties plumbing is not currently leaking into the unit below. This more thorough scope makes our fee higher than other firms, but the added investment provides more useful information to our clients. CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Duplexes and 4-plexes are common inspection requests. Clients need to make sure that there is access to every unit and every bedroom door within the units. We are able to bid the inspections based on square footage, age, and number of bedrooms per unit. CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Multi-unit inspections are tailored to fit the needs of our clients. We can inspect every unit, or only a shotgun sampling. We calculate our efforts by the hour and can inspect the multi-unit buildings to whatever degree of thoroughness that our clients want to invest. CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Log homes inspections require a unique inspection protocol. Michael Leavitt has the special training and experience necessary to inspect these structures. An added step in the inspection process is the thump test that adds time to the inspection and increases the fee, but it will provide you with the information you need to avoid expensive repairs by identifying the concealed rotted logs before you purchase the home. CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Mountain get-a-way cabins are a popular inspection here in northern Utah. We have learned over the years that each cabin brings its own unique challenges and we do not bid our fees in the normal fashion. Instead of just going by the age and the size we offer two fee quote options. The first is a range fee that allows us to spend more time if needed. The second is an hourly fee that is often needed when there are multiple additions or multiple structures on the property. Each addition and/or structure adds more time and work, and thus requires a higher fee. CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Manufactured housing has its own unique qualities that separate them from traditional homes. Michael Leavitt is the only Certified Mobile Manufactured housing inspector and inspector trainer in the state of Utah. Be careful to avoid inspection firms that have no special training and certification for manufactured housing. CLICK FOR MORE INFO
Commercial inspections are unique in every way. Whether it is a dentists office, warehouse, gas station, or the 3-story Knight Block building on the NE corner of University Avenue and Center Street in Provo, Utah with the unknown hermit living on the second floor, we can scale the scope of the inspection to fit the budget and informational needs of our client. Some clients just want our visual walkthrough inspection that ranges from $635 to $1,035 for smaller properties, while other clients want the full team of licensed experts to evaluate every component at a fee of $3,000 to $40,000 or more. We can assemble the team as needed and fit every small commercial client’s budget.


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