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For easiest access just add this page to your Favorites list in Internet Explorer and click the Save Password box. This will provide a link on your Favorites bar that when clicked bring you immediately back to this page.

In order to view and use the E.O.E.T. course materials you will need the following software programs.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6 or newer. If you need this FREE software you can either click on the following link or Adobe image. http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
  • Microsoft Word 2002 or newer - Using an older version of Word may alter the formatting. All of the Word documents are also available in PDF format.
  • 3D Inspection Software - The electronic form is designed for use with the 3D Inspection Software. The handwritten format can be opened in either Adobe Acrobat Reader or using Microsoft Word. For more information on 3D software options please click on the 3D icon.

This is a copy of the “Hold Harmless” agreement that you have already approved. Download the PDF for your files in case you have any questions in the future.

E.O.E.T. COURSE Hold Harmless Agreement PDF

Here is a quick list of what is needed to perform the E.O.E.T.


Click on any of the above tool images for the more complete tool descriptions and optional tool list.

This chart compares the way various 3-prong testers report miswired outlets. Click on the image to see the large version.






Each of the following are MUST READ articles that will help give you an understanding and background for many of the SureTest test features. Many of the articles were authored in an earlier time when this type of information was readily available. You will see the original weblinks on the older article that are no longer functioning. The information is still valid and helps to broaden the picture of the issues and how to test for them.

A Day in the Life of a Copy Repairman PDF WORD
High-Tech Testing of Branch Circuits PDF WORD
Load Testing for Fire Hazards PDF WORD
Load Testing your Branch Circuits PDF WORD
Photo Copier Capers PDF WORD
Troubleshooting with a Load Tester PDF WORD
Frequently Asked Questions - Voltage Drop PDF WORD
Building Wiring - Are Visual Inspections Enough? PDF WORD
Load Testing Circuits in Buildings PDF WORD
Loose Wires Start Fires PDF WORD
Testing for Safe and Efficient Branch Circuits PDF .
Pathway to Ground: Pathway to Improve Safety and Power Quality PDF .

I am excited to announce the online training course titled “ Inspecting Branch Circuits” is being offered for FREE by Ideal. The course has three 20 minute modules and only requires that you register and agree to the terms of their agreement. I recommend the training as a way to expose yourself to the general line of branch curcuit testing equipment and I encourage all inspectors to invest the time to complete the materials. To enroll please click on the following link...
E.O.E.T. - Handwritten Version Word PDF .
E.O.E.T. - 3D Version using North, South, East, & West directionals. . . 3D
E.O.E.T. - 3D Version using Front, Rear, Right & Left directionals. . . 3D

3D E.O.E.T. FORM DOWNLOAD & INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS - To install the 3D EOET form sets you should click on the appropriate 3D EOET form link above and download the files to your machine. You get to determine where to save the file, and I recommend that you place the files in your 3D Inspection System folder. This is usually located on the C: drive in the Program File folder. Once you place the files in the 3D folder, then....

  • 1. In the Report Writer, you should click File…Install a set of forms
  • 2. You will need to navigate to the .3DF file named either “EOET NSEW” or “EOET FRRL” and open the file.
  • 3. No go to the Custom Form Studio by clicking on File in the Report Writer and selecting Custom Form Studio. Once opened scroll down the left column and find either “EOET NSEW” or “EOET FRRL” and right click. Next select Compile Forms. Do not add a password and leave the form uses set to zero. If you have a Pocket PC and Pocket 3D then check off the box and select compile.
  • 4. The form should now be automatically loaded on your machine, ready for use. When you create a new form in the Report Writer the form should be available for you to use.

PLEASE NOTE: The form sets are designed for version 9 or newer of the 3D Inspection System software. If you have an older version, then call 3D and invest in the newer version so that you can use the EOET form set.


The following protocols are dove-tailed off the electrical section of the Standards of Practice of the American Institute of Inspectors. They can be adapted to the Standards of Practice of ASHI, NAHI, NACHI, CREIA, etc..

PLEASE NOTE: The E.O.E.T. SOP’s can easily be adopted to the protocols as part of your company’s business plan. This is done by modifying the Word version and making the protocols part of your accepted and documented business firm inspection protocols. Make certain that you are either meeting or exceeding your normal inspection SOP’s, and not omitting any of the electrical section requirements, unless you accurately document the omissions in your protocols.

E.O.E.T. Protocols - A.I.I. Version Word PDF
A.I.I. Standards of Practice Word PDF

NOTE: The following sample contracts should be reviewed by your lawyer before using them and make any needed changes to fit your business entity and legal environment for the State in which you operate your business.

E.O.E.T. Stand Alone Contract Word PDF
E.O.E.T. with Home Inspection Contract Addendum Word PDF

Marketing this added service requires the ability to easy simplify the service and then set your fees accordingly. I have found it a difficult service to market over the phone. On the other hand, I have found it very easy to market the service via the web with my online order form. Please visit my online order form as well as my E.O.E.T. description that is accessed via the online order form.

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