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RADON GAS TESTING - The EPA has warned all property owners of the lung cancer dangers of radon gas exposure and they recommend that all structures below the third floor be tested for excessive interior radon levels.
METH LAB TESTING - If you a property owner with suspicions, or if you are buying a property, let us take the needed samples and have them laboratory evaluated.
MOLD SAMPLING - To test, or not to test. That is the question... Check out this information and then you make the decision that is right for you and your pocketbook.
ASBESTOS INFO & SAMPLING - We are not State of Utah trained asbestos professionals, but we have the information that will help direct you to the right professionals.
ASBESTOS CEILING REMOVAL - The State of Utah has provided a special guide for homeowners to safely remove their own sprayed accoustical popcorn ceilings.
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