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Welcome to our new and improved online order forms.

We have several different online order forms to better meet your needs. Most of you will want the RESIDENTIAL INSPECTIONS option.

SPECIALTY INSPECTIONS - Thermal, Termite, Moisture Intrusion, Commercial, Electrical Outlet Efficiency Testing, Lead Based Paint, Roof Cert., Appraiser Follow-Up, etc.
CREDIT CARD PAYMENT - Use this form to make any after inspection payments.

  • RESIDENTIAL INSPECTIONS - Those of you needing a residential home inspection should use this order form to place your inspection order. The deck inspection is included in the home inspection and no added fee is required. After you place the order, we will then contact you to nail down the date and time. Depending on the time of year we can be booked out anywhere from 3 to 14 days. If time is critical, place your order and then you can call to shedule the time constraints.
  • RUSH ORDER - We also appreciate the fact that a few or our clients will be under the gun and need the Rush Order form. The stand-by rush order fee is more, and is imposed when we have to re-schedule another client to accommodate your rushed inspection time window. This is often due to either an oversight on your part or because of a special “Quick Sale” contract.
  • STUCCO - Being one of the premiere stucco inspection firms in a 5 state area we have a special Stucco Inspection order form. Stucco inspections are pushed to the head of the line due to the tight time frame that is usually allowed. Place your order and we will insert your stucco inspection the schedule ASAP, weather permitting.
  • DECK INSPECTIONS - This order form is for residential deck-only inspections. This is included in the normal residential inspection fee.
  • SPECIALTY - And there are still others that need either a specialty inspection. This might include radon testing, termite inspection, electrical outlet efficiency testing, lead-based paint, commercial inspection, specific water entry inspection, or other unique evaluation. If you need a specialty inspection please make your request by using the general Specialty Inspection order form.


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