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MMM CURRENT ISSUE - Full subscribers, please click for the current issue access. User name and password are required.

SUBSCRIBE TO THE MMM - The Monday Morning Messenger is the motivational inspection and marketing message for inspectors around the globe. The current subscription rate is just $55.00 per year. That is a whopping $2.12 per issue and worth every penny of it. In some issues the information is worth thousands of dollars, while in other issues it is worth just 8 bits. Topics vary from marketing, computers, CE machines, and inspecting, as well as technical updates, the ever popular "How To Avoid Litigation", as well as the "Inspector Eagle Eye Photo Challenges." The MMM is sprinkled with with my perspectives and experiences that give it a real life Inspector's viewpoint.

SAMPLE MMM ISSUE 2001 - This sample issue is from October 2001 and deals with Wirsbo PEX pipe and knob & tube wiring. I grabbed this article because it shows how relevant the information is in the 10 years of back issues. Whether you are a seasoned inspector, or fresh to the marketplace, the library of information will become one of your greatest information research tools.... SUBSCRIBE TODAY!
SAMPLE MMM ISSUE 2008 - Now compare the 2001 issue with the 2008 format. You will see that many items are the same, yet the formatting is streamlined. This issues deals with vermiculite insulation, meth labs, CPSC recalls, and an interesting furnace installation.... SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

PLEASE NOTE: The MMM was originally created exclusively for members of The American Institute of Inspectors®", but over the years the readership has expanded to fellow inspectors around the globe from all of the major inspection organizations. This bi-weekly electronic newsletter shares inspection information, technology updates, and marketing tips.... SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!!
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