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SUBSCRIBE TO THE MMM - The Monday Morning Messenger is the motivational inspection and marketing message for inspectors around the globe. The current subscription rate is just $55.00 per year. That is a whopping $2.12 per issue and worth every penny of it. In some issues the information is worth thousands of dollars, while in other issues it is worth just 8 bits. Topics vary from marketing, computers, CE machines, and inspecting, as well as technical updates, the ever popular "How To Avoid Litigation", as well as the "Inspector Eagle Eye Photo Challenges." The MMM is sprinkled with with my perspectives and experiences that give it a real life Inspector's viewpoint.

Sample Monday Morning Messenger - Originally created for members of The American Institute of Inspectors®", the readership has expanded to Inspectors abroad. This bi-weekly electronic newsletter shares inspection information, technology updates, and marketing tips.

3D Software - The premiere software for property inspections. As a 3D Software reseller I am able to offer special bundle pricing. This is the base software which I chose because of its flexibility of use. Once learned, any form can be created, and existing hard copy forms can be computerized. It allows for diagramming and importing digital photos and graphics anywhere within the report. If you are considering computerization I would highly recommend the investment in the 3-D Inspection System software. Click on the 3-D logo image to access their website directly. To see my finished report download a sample report below. Keep in mind that with 3-D you can alter, change, print in color or modify any aspect of the finished report. CLICK HERE for a Free 3D evaluation disk.

Computerized 3D Report Form Sets - Many Home Inspectors do not have the time or the desire to develop their own computerized report forms. This page will describe the form sets available and the different package deals on purchasing both the 3D software and the popular AII™ Style Report Form Sets.

FREE Trial 3D Form Set - Download a free trial form set.

Pocket PC Information - If you have questions about the Pocket PC platform then you should check out my back issues of the Monday Morning Messenger by becoming a full subscriber. I regularly share new information regarding the hardware, software, utilities, and related gadgets.

Sample "Leavitt Report" - The true test of the Home Inspector is the quality of the finished report. We produce the finest reports in Northern Utah using laptop computer technology. Every "LEAVITT REPORT" is custom made for each inspected property. Clear, concise and extremely thorough, we think that you will agree that the "LEAVITT REPORT" provides all of the Structural, Mechanical, and Health & Safety information clients will need to make an informed purchase decision.

3D Software & Computer Tips -

Users of 3D Inspection software and my popular 3D Form Sets have lots of "How-To" questions about modifying the forms and using the advanced features of the 3D software. The tips are extracted from the MMM's. To keep up to date you should consider subscribing to the MMM.

Home Inspection Training - Links to respected Home Inspector training firms.

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