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  • Dip Tube Failure - When a water heater's dip tube fails you could be taking very short showers. The condition is especially prone to occur in 1993-96 domestic water heaters.
  • HTPV (High Temperature Plastic Vent) Heater Vent Pipes - The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a News Release: "Manufacturers Announce Recall Program to Replace Vent Pipes on Home Heating Systems"
  • Flexible Gas Lines - The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a News Warning on Brass Flexible Gas Connection lines commonly used on household gas appliances.
  • Buyer's Benefits - Information for buyers considering a professional independent home inspection. Also provided is my newspaper column titled, "Self-inspections don't reveal all of the home's secrets."
  • How to Choose a Home Inspector - 10 great questions you should be asking when trying to find a qualified Home Inspector.
  • New Home Inspections - Often overlooked by anxious home buyers is the NEW HOME inspection. Review this section for tips and precautions that buyers of new homes should be aware of.
  • Sample Leavitt Report - The true test of the Home Inspector that you select to inspect your future "Dream Home" is the quality of the finished report. We produce the finest reports in Northern Utah using laptop computer technology. Every "LEAVITT REPORT" is custom made for each inspected property. Clear, concise and extremely thorough, we think that you will agree that the "LEAVITT REPORT" provides all of the Structural, Mechanical, and Health & Safety information you will need to make an informed purchase decision.
  • Inspection Order Form - Click here to access an online inspection order form for Home Inspections, Radon Screenings, Termite Inspections, and Lead Hazard Screenings.
  • Standards of Practice - The Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the American Institute of Inspectors®.
  • Service Directory - A list of favorite links and phone numbers including products, tradespeople and real estate agents. The list is ever growing and provided solely as a courtesy to my clients.
  • EIFS - Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems - If you are considering purchasing or selling a home with the newer EIFS synthetic stucco you will want to learn all that you can about the strengths and weaknesses of this exterior cladding.
  • Termite Inspections - Important information about Termites and other wood destroying insects in Northern Utah. Home buyers can save over 50% when combining the Pest Inspection with their Home Inspection.
  • Termite Damage Photos - Northern Utah termite damage pictures
  • Electrical Outlet Efficiency Testing - If you are concerned about the quality of the power at each 110 volt outlet, then this service for you. The EOET goes way beyond the grounding and polarity testing included with the normal home inspection.
  • Radon Screenings - Important information regarding the second leading cause of lung cancer in America. Performing the 48 hour test is the best protection to identify elevated levels of this odorless gas before you buy your home.
  • Lead Hazard Screens - If you are purchasing or selling a pre-1978 home, a Lead Hazard Screen should strongly be considered. This is especially important if you have children under age six.
  • Inspection Order From - Click here to access an online inspection order form for Home Inspections, Radon Screenings, Termite Inspections, and Lead Hazard Screenings.
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